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The terms and conditions contained in this page ("Terms and Conditions of QUICK SALES ") binds the web site users , either as registered users, or those who simply browse the site. Advertisers,and / or prospective buyers are to follow on the terms and conditions that have been set by the trading as MHT GROUP.

By accessing or using the site, each user is deemed to have received, understood, and agreed to, to comply with all the contents of the Terms and Conditions of QUICK SALES . These terms and conditions are subject to change and / or update at any time by without any prior notice.


  1. Trading as MHT GROUP main business is to provide a site that acts as a intermediary media advertising. The advertising information from the sellers to the prospective buyers through the site
  2. QUICK SALES paid service from aims to optimize ads posted by registered users in to be more easily and quickly sold / rented/ hired in Quick Sales. The ads that are posted in QUICK SALES will be active until the set expired date or sold or completed.
  3. Users are the parties who use the services including but not limited to advertisers, prospective buyers or those who simply browse the site.
  4. Activity is any activity / activities / interactions / transactions made ​​by users on the products / services offered by advertisers through the ads posted on
  5. Advertising is the promotion / product or service offerings and / or searched products or services performed by the Advertisers and placed on
  6. Personal information is personal information about the users consisting of but not limited to the username, email, password, name, telephone number, address, etc., entered by the user when using
  7. is an interactive advertising services, information, or other services provided through the site to be accessible by the users.
  8. Advertisers are individuals / companies / other parties who use the service to promote / offer / search for products and / or services to / from site visitors

General Requirements

To be able to perform activities and services using QUICK SALES, users do not need to register in advance. If registration is optd, then users will need to complete the mandatory fields and the data contained in the site and agree to the Terms and Conditions of QUICK SALES . After completing the registration process as per the instructions given, then the user will be able to utilize the full features of QUICK SALES .

To prevent misuse of data, users shall maintain the confidentiality of data information Users owned (including but not limited to, user ID, password / PIN or other data provided by the User / received by the users related to the implementation of the activity. Users are solely responsible for all the consequences and risks arising from the negligence of the users in maintaining the confidentiality of its account data information.


When available, credit purchases for QUICK SALES may not be transferred to any other parties. If the User is not the intended recipient of the credit, reserves the right to void the credit purchased and no refunds will be provided. Illegal use of the credits will results in user’s membership to the site, being revoked and any monies spend on credits or remaining balance of the credits will not be available for refunds.

Implementation of Activity

In principle the use of QUICK SALES is a free service. Quick Sales also provide paid service, in which an enhanced posting of advertisement will require users to purchase a prepaid credit points via QUICK SALES. The QUICK SALES credit purchases can be done by making a payment in cash through MHT GROUP Reception/ Account Director. When making purchase of a prepaid credit package, users agree to indemnify and its employees and affiliates from cash loses during transfers. Users also agree to release and its employees and affiliates from any legal responsibility for all activities that involve QUICK SALES.

Users can also make a bank deposit based on their account reference number. You will then be required to email the receipt copy to us. If you wish to pay via cheque you can also process this method. However paying via cheque can take up to 3-5 business days to clear and may affect the ad to go live instantly to use the Quick Sales Service. You can also pay COD at our office location and obtain a receipt and an instant account update. Some accounts may take up to 24 hours to complete.
QUICK SALES credit option that can be purchased by users that is equal to (a) 20 (for $ 20.00), (b) 50 (for $ 50.00), and (c) 100 (worth $100.00), wherein for each use QUICK SALES can only be done at the site during the validity period of the credit QUICK SALES is still active.

Custom credit amount that is not listed on our site can be arranged by emailing our office. Quicksales reserves the right to refuse any purchases of credit points via email if the value is less then the largest points package that quicksales display on its website.

Prices are in FJD

After receiving the payment, will add the credit amount QUICK SALES account based on the number of users who have chosen and paid by the previous user. An electronic receipt will be sent by to email users who make a purchase and have done credit payment QUICK SALES.

If a failure occurs on the purchase of credits and the credit points is not published within 24 hours of receipt of the order confirmation user, users are invited to contact our Customer Support, by providing ad ID and e-mail used to place ads.

QUICK SALES credit validity period is for 1 (one) year / 365 (three hundred and sixty five) days for any credit score QUICK SALES purchased by users. QUICK SALES credit validity period that has been purchased previously will increase each time you make a purchase QUICK SALES credit, but the credit validity period will be calculated from the QUICK SALES last purchase.

Prepaid points can only be used to purchase premium ads features such as, “first”, “bold”, “border”, “background”. Each credit which was used will be automatically reduced when users purchase premium enhanced ads listing features such as stated.

Users will be able to check their remaining point balance by logging in into the website and go to their profile page. If you cancel your ad before the ad is served or delete ads that have been posted for any reason then such action will also delete the content services QUICK SALES attached to the ad, and users will not be able to request a refund on used credits to such ads and have no further responsibility for the display ads removed. is not responsible for the success and or failure of each purchase / sale / search content displayed using QUICK SALES on site
Users agree to use the service only for legitimate purposes. in its sole discretion, reserves the right to prevent any users to use the account if the users have engaged in behavior that is not acceptable, such as activities that are harmful to other users or website guests, and / or any third party individuals or companies (including but not limited to may prohibit or delete conduct, communication or content transmitted on the service that violate applicable law or harmful to other users, the service or in general.

Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

Terms and Conditions of website services and user relationship with subject, regulated and abiding by the law of the Republic of Fiji, and the User agrees to be bound by the legal jurisdiction of the Republic of Fiji.

Changes may at any time change the Terms and Conditions of without prior notice and therefore, users are expected to read beforehand the Terms and Conditions of before conducting any activities within the website. Users are expected to check this page from time to time to pay attention to any changes, because it binds the user.

Some of the provisions contained in the Terms and Conditions of QUICK SALES can be superseded by provisions or other notices published elsewhere on the site


Services provided through the web site is "as is" without warranty of any kind. expressly disclaims any warranties regarding the security, reliability, and implementation of the activities undertaken by the users on In any case will not have the obligation, according to the Terms and Conditions of Service on a direct loss, special, indirect loss in result of the use of

Users acknowledge and agree that the use and implementation of activities on the web site by the users are on the user's own risk and the users themselves are fully responsible for users contents and any damages that might occur on your computer system or loss of data may be caused by the implementation of these activities.

Users specifically acknowledge that shall not be liable for any material or act of defamation, in violation of, or actions against any law of any third party relating to and the risk of loss or damage of these things is entirely at the user.
If the user has other things to be conveyed or comments or concerns about material that appears on the site please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Thanks for visiting users to the site