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Alway try to buy the product / services by using one of these methods:

  1. Cash On Delivery (COD)
  2. Bank Cheque
  3. Exchange funds at a bank
  4. Exchange legal documents for eg if you are buying a house or car any expensive items you must also consolidate these transactions with a legal team. Please ensure you seek all professional help prior to exchanging funds. You must ensure that item exists and if you feel the person is engaging in fraudulent activity then you must notify the local law enforcement.

Be sure to Check the Goods First

If the seller or the product is out of town, ask for a convenient time to check for the item. If the item is brand new the seller may hesitate to open a brand new box. You must be a serious buyer if you engage in purchasing the product and process the transaction once it meets your requirements and based on the factual information of the item as presented in the website.

  1. Verify the seller for eg a valid driver's license and a copy of the seller's account number. If two documents have the same name or not, original or not (no data in the document that was changed), if among these documents there are doubts or not you may wish to proceed.
  2. If the seller has a social media account, perform checks against the account of the seller, how long has he had these accounts, how many friends / connections owned and other information that can convince you to safely proceed with the transaction.

Please be aware, any transaction which takes place in does not warrant the condition of the item. It is solely between the buyer and the seller to communicate and authenticate that the product listed is true. If you have no intent of buying the item or have any doubt about the product please ensure to ask these questions to the seller or simply do not proceed to purchase the item. You can also ask if there are any manufacturer warranty on the item and verify these via proper documentation upon final stages of the transaction.