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  1. Provide detailed information on your ad, so that prospective buyers have the same perception of the products you offer.
  2. Try to transact with the method - Cash On Delivery (COD), Bank Cheque(obtain receipts etc) and make sure the buyer has examined the condition of the goods whenever possible in order to avoid complaints afterwards.
  3. Transaction / exchange should always be conducted in a safe and public location.
  4. For cashless payment / transfer, ensure the payment of money from the buyer has entered into your account, before you give / deliver the goods to the buyer. If the buyer asks for your document as evidence before transfer then you can exchange information. IF you do not feel safe to proceed the transaction prior to any funds are exchanged then you may provide a genuine reason and cancel the transaction. If you also believe the buyer is suspicious you can report to your local law enforcement.
  5. If you provide a warranty, make sure that the buyer have to understand the terms and scope of the warranty in order to avoid misunderstanding.
  6. Delivery: Make sure that the goods you are about to send is securely packaged. This will avoid the risk of items being damaged. This process ensures the buyer will be happy to receive your item.